About Us

Summer Magic Festival is the event agency that was founded in Miami in 2010. The name of the agency wasn’t created right from the start and we looked through a myriad of variants prior to choosing this one. The decision emerged unexpectedly - right when we’ve got our first order. One of the clients contacted us with the request to organize the first Summer Magic Festival. We decided to give it a try and called the agency in the same way. That’s how it all started.

Over 7 years have passed since that time and the agency developed into a well-known company in Miami. We are a team of qualified, experienced and talented specialists, who are really dedicated to what we do. We love our work and we value each client! Today, we are sure: event organization is our hobby. By dealing with us, you can be 100% sure that we won’t let you down! Welcome to Summer Magic Festival 24/7!