Our Portfolio

Lux Light Festival in Miami

Lux Light Festival was organized in Miami by Summer Magic Festival in February, 2017. The festival was really spectacular and became a real event for the local residents and the guests of the town. We’ve invited international artists and organized a fabulous light and laser-beam show with a stunning firework after it. The festival turned one of those mysterious Miami nights into a real holiday of light due to the abundance of special effects, ingenious installations and professional team that ensured fantastic performance!

Chocolate Festival

Who doesn’t like chocolate? This is one of the favorite treats of kids and adults across the globe. We were fascinated by the idea to organize Chocolate Festival in Miami. It was held for three days - since May, 1 till May, 3, 2017. We’ve thoroughly chosen the place to accommodate all those people, who wished to visit it. We’ve ordered professional catering, equipment, tech support specialists, DJs and other specialists. We’ve also decorated the hall and planned the scenario of the event. These measures made it possible for the most popular chocolate manufacturers to present their treats and leave the guests satisfied! It was a real success!

Miami Christmas Fair

Christmas is one of the most favorite and fairy holidays kids and adults adore. Miami Christmas Fair is organized by our agency for 3 years already. The event is sponsored by the local governors to create special holiday atmosphere in the city. The Fair is traditionally held since December, 1 and up to December, 25. Our task is to organize the Fair with special care, giving notable attention to the choice of sellers, logistics, safety, catering and PR support. Christmas decoration of the place is another pleasant process our agency adores. We try our best effort to create the charming atmosphere of this special holiday. All the money made during the fair are generally given to charity funds.

Swimming Festival

Swimming Festival was organized with the support of one of the local sports organizations. Over 100 of people of different ages took part in this sports festival and everyone was satisfied with the organization of the event. We thoroughly chose the place for the festival and paid special attention to safety measures. Apart from the official part of the program, we also organized the banquet and invited popular artists to participate in the festival. It was fun and exciting for everyone!