Meet Our Team

Anthony Kidstone

Anthony is the owner and one of the founders of the company, who is totally dedicated to his job. He inspires the entire team by his creative thinking, unique and original ideas, stunning marketing approach and ability to plan the work of the team in a smart and effective way.
Company Owner, SEO

Mary Henricks

Mary is the executive director of the agency and its co-founder. She is responsible for quality project realization, starting from the planning stage. She knows everything about successful and effective project realization and she takes active part in all the projects the agency works on.
Executive Director

Kate Crapes

Due to the persistence, high qualifications, professionalism and experience of our SMM manager, Kate Crapes, our online sources are so informative and attention-grabbing! Kate joined our team in 2015 and has notably contributed to the company reputation during this time.
SMM Manager

Paul Clarks

We can’t imagine our agency without Paul today. He has become a notable part of the team already. His photos are really stunning. They masterfully reflect the essence of each project. They are so bright, original and appealing that it’s just impossible to pass by them!